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The Need

Intraoperative Monitoring

is complex and

Only 20%

of neurosurgeries are monitored
due to expert shortage



Nervio's Solution

AIM™ – Effectively adds an expert neurophysiologist to the team

Intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM) has seen no innovation in over two decades. AIM™ is the first and only AI-powered neuromonitoring solution that converts raw surgical data into real-time alerts and recommendations. Built on state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, the system was tested on over 1K surgeries and is a vigilant adjunct to existing systems.
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Improves data mining quality
Reduces workload
Allows expansion into untapped markets
Streamlines operations
Faster clinical alerts with clear visuals

Why is Nervio a Game Changer?

Dr. Richard Vogel
President Elect - ASNM
Neuromonitoring technologists and oversight neurophysiologists are prone to burnout and human error stemming from occupational stress and high cognitive load. Nervio’s AI-powered IONM solution rapidly identifies critical changes in IONM data and presents them in a simple visual display. Nervio’s vigilant and highly accurate adjunct to standard IONM platforms optimizes patient care by providing much-needed support to a burdened workforce.
Prof. Jay Shils
Professor of Anesthesia, Rush University Medical Center
“Qualified supervising neurophysiologists are extremely difficult to find. Finding professionals who can do the job, that are experts and available is challenging. Nervio’s solution can turn neuromonitoring into a new standard of care by allowing these experts to monitor multiple cases, without compromising on professionalism and care quality”

About Us

As the chief neurophysiologist at a large medical center, Dr. Omer Zarchi is challenged with providing neuromonitoring services to multiple surgeries every day.

Understaffed due to a shortage in experts and lengthy training, surgeries would occasionally be postponed or even cancelled altogether. Upon the maturation of artificial intelligence, he envisioned replicating his and other expert neurophysiologist’s knowhow into an AI software that would assist him and his team in addressing these challenges that are also encountered worldwide. Together with brother Nir, they established Nervio in early 2020 to create the AIMTM proprietary technology which is set to benefit over 700K yearly monitored surgeries in the US alone in a $3.3B market growing at 4.9% CAGR.

Executive Team

Ariel Weinstein
Nir Zarchi
Co-Founder & Chief Product and Innovation
Dr. Omer Zarchi
Co-Founder & CSO
Dr. Einat Kermany
Chief Technical Officer
Prof. Eyal Itshayek
Medical Director

Advisory Board

Dr. Richard Vogel
Prof. Jay Shils
Prof. Isador Lieberman
Ms. Kristin Myers
Dr. Amir Kershenovich


We are looking for US Professional Neurophysiologists to join us in a validation study of our AI-based IONM system.
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News & Events

May 2024
Nervio at the ASNM
Visit Nervio at the ASNM, Washington DC, May 17-19, 2024
Jan 2024
Closes Seed Round
A $2.5M seed round was successful subscribed, led by eHV along with private, venture and strategic investors.
Jun 2023
Major FDA Milestone
The FDA has accepted Nervio’s submission plan, a move that allows swift market approval.
Dec 2022
Launch of First US Trial
Following extensive planning and preparation, Nervio launched its first US clinical trial at the Global Neurosciences Institute (GNI) together with its valued partners Prof. Sarkar Atom, of GNI and Dr. William Castro of Bromedicon/Medsurant Health.The clinical trial is​ an important landmark on Nervio's path toward FDA approval, ensuring global implementation​ of the groundbreaking solution.
Nov 2022
Collaboration with Bromedicon and Medsurant
Nervio announces its collaboration with Bromedicon and Medsurant Health.Bromedicon is one of the dominant Neurophysiology service providers in the US and is a part of the Medsurant Health organization - a leader in intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring (IONM), and one of the largest and most respected providers of neurophysiological intraoperative monitoring services in the country.This collaboration happened thanks to William Castro, PhD, M.S., CNIM, the President of Bromedicon, and Stephen Houff, M.D., the CEO of Medsurant Health for this remarkable collaboration.
Aug 2022
Seed Funding First-Closing
Nervio is finalizing a financing round and introducing new strategic investors to join the existing cohort.eHealthVentures– A multinational partnership including Maccabi, Amgen Ventures, Mayo Clinic and Medison Ventures.MediPress Ventures – consists of senior executives from the healthcare ecosystem, led by Prof. Joseph Press, the former CEO of Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel.Spes Medica & Orgil Medical Equipment Ltd. – a leading consortium of two major players in the IONM ecosystem in Europe and Israel.Mor Research Applications - the Technology Transfer Office of Clalit Health Services, the largest HMO in Israel.
Jul 2022
Kristin Myers Joins Nervio’s Board
Nervio is introducing Ms. Kristin Myers, the new member of the Scientific Advisory Board. Ms. Myers is the Chief Information Officer - Digital and Technology Partners at Mount Sinai Health System.
Feb 2022
Collaboration With GNI
New collaboration with the team of Global Neuroscience Institute (GNI).GNI is an innovative team of nationally recognized and highly trained neurosurgeons, subspecialty neurologists, and neuroscience researchers.GNI is constantly looking for innovative solutions which make Nervio’s product extremely efficient, making the new partnership a strong foundation for successful and prompt results.The leaders of the partnership from GNI’s end are Dr. Sarkar Atom, director of Neuro-Oncology and of Adult & Pediatric Stereotactic, Functional, and Epilepsy Surgery, and Dr. Christina Maxwell, Director of the Research Program.
Nov 2021
Introducing Our Advisory Board
Nervio is delighted to introduce our new Advisory BoardProf. Eyal Itshayek, Director of Spine Surgery at Rabin Medical Center Innovation,Prof. Isador Lieberman, Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon and President at Texas Back Institute.Prof. Jay Shils, Director of Intraoperative Neurophysiology and Professor of Anesthesiology at Rush University.Dr. Amir Kershenovich, Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel.
Nov 2021
Rush Medical Center Clinical Study
Nervio is commencing its first US clinical trial at RUSH Medical Center in Chicago. RUSH is an award-winning academic medical center and one of the most acclaimed hospitals nationally.The prospective clinical trial at RUSH is will be conducted with the leadership of Prof. Jay Shils, one of the leading acting neurophysiologists in the world and an innovative leader at the American Society of Neurophysiology Monitoring, and a published scholar.
Oct 2021
Multi-Site Prospective Trials in 2 Israeli Hospitals
Prospective clinical trials at two major medical centers in Israel: Rabin Medical Center and Assuta Medical Centers.Rabin Medical Center is the third largest medical center in Israel. Prof. Eyal Itshayek is head of the spinal surgery department at Rabin and serves as a Medical Director and advisory board member at Nervio.Assuta Medical Centers is the country’s largest private medical center chain, with 4 major hospitals and leading medical centers across Israel, providing services for more than 1.5 million patients.
Aug 2021
Collaboration With the Israeli Spine Center
Nervio announces collaboration with the Israel Spine Center as part of a clinical trial with Assuta Medical Centers.The collaboration is led by Dr. Ashkenazy, Dr. Millgram, Dr. Blecher and Dr. Grundshtein, of Israel’s leading spine surgeons.The purpose of the significant collaboration is to further Nervio's AI-based medical vision.
Mar 2021
First Prospective Trial
After completing the retrospective clinical trial, Nervio is announcing a first prospective clinical trial at the Rabin Medical Center in Israel.The trial is led by Prof.  Eyal Itshayek, Director of Spine Surgery at Rabin Medical Center Innovation, and the medical director at Nervio.Prof. Itshayek and Dr. Omer Zarchi, Nervio’s co-founder and chief scientific officer are long-time colleagues in the operating room and are now collaborating in this trial.
Dec 2020
Merchavia Holdings Invests in Nervio
Merchavia Holdings invests in Nervio, and joins the company as one of its main partners for their AI-based solution venture.Nervio is grateful for the vote of confidence and glad to have Merchavia among their investors.Merchavia specializes in investing in life science companies and welcomes Nervio into their portfolio.
Sep 2020
Retrospective Clinical Study With Clalit
As part of the Nervio/Clalit collaboration, Nervio has received 500,000 biosignals which are going to be used for building elaborate AI models and performing retrospective trials using the given data.With more than 48 thousand doctors and employees, 14 hospitals, and 4 subsidiaries, Clalit is the largest HMO in Israel and the 2nd largest healthcare provider in the world. Clalit provides services to more than 50% of the country’s population.

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