Nir Zarchi

Seasoned entrepreneur with extensive experience in business & product development. Holds an MA in Systems Management and BSc in Industrial Management.

Dr. Omer Zarchi

Head of the Intraoperative Neurophysiology Service at Rabin Medical Center and Schneider Children’s Medical Center. Holds a PhD. and MSc. in Neuroscience.

Dr. Einat Kermany

Expert in research and development of AI systems and deep learning algorithms.
Holds a PhD. in Neuroscience and BSc in Computer Sciences.

Prof. Eyal Itshayek

Director of the Spine Surgery Unit at Rabin Medical Center. Associate Professor of Neurosurgery at Tel Aviv University. Published over 100 articles.

Izik Itzhakov

A Business Development Executive with over 20 years of experience in Digital Health. Holds an MA in Law & Innovation and BSc in Biology.
Alumni 8200.

Prof. Jay Shils

Professor of Anesthesia
Rush University Medical Center.

Prof. Isador Lieberman

Senior Orthopedic & Spinal Surgeon President, Texas Back Institute.

Ms. Kristin Myers

Chief Information Officer, Digital & Technology Partners at Mount Sinai.

Dr. Amir Kershenovich

Director, Pediatric Neurosurgery
Schneider Children’s Medical Center.

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