Prof. Emeritus Joseph Press

“Thousands of neurosurgeries are performed globally every day, every hour. Neuromonitoring coverage is the only way to prevent nerve injuries during operations, and the profound lack of expert neurophysiologists is the main barrier across all markets to provide it. Today, surgeons need to hand-pick which cases will be monitored, and surgeries are getting rescheduled or canceled. In some geographies, the situation is even worse, when there is almost no coverage at all. Nervio’s innovative AI-based solution reduces the dependence on experts, making neuromonitoring accessible and affordable in every operating room in the world”

Prof. Jay Shils

“Qualified supervising neurophysiologists are extremely difficult to find. Finding professionals who can do the job, that are experts and available is challenging. Nervio’s solution can turn neuromonitoring into a new standard of care by allowing these experts to monitor multiple cases, without compromising on professionalism and care quality”

Prof. Eyal Itshayek

“Neurosurgery is a dominant field that is going to push the medicine world in a tremendous way. For millions over the world, the solution autonomous AI neuromonitoring brings, is truly life-changing. Nervio has the utmost ability to achieve it and be the front runners with their breakthrough technology.”

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